Bei der Buchung

You must specify the number of bags you have with you that there is a capacity problem in vehicles and for passenger safety In taxi capacity is four medium sized suitcases and 2 hand luggage. The Mini Van is 8 midsize or 8 medium sized and 5 hand luggage. If your luggage is more obliged to hire more vehicle at your own cost

Zahlung und Währung

The costing of services is in EURO currency. The Company B & S for your convenience has 3 different payment methods for promisthosi our services: a. Payment by Credit Card Visa or MasterCard. Discounting the entire amount we agreed taking into account taxes and fees of the Bank. b. Pay with Cash. Repayment of the entire amount that we have pre-arranged cash depending on the services that we will provide on completion and the end of the service we have undertaken to provide. c. Payment via Pay Pal. Discounting the entire amount we agreed taking into account taxes and fees of the Bank.


If paying by cash to the driver, you can cancel your reservation at (as soon as possible) or by phone at the telephone numbers: +306973204923 or +6978223598 (as soon as possible) No extra charge, indicated the details of your reservation so that we can cancel the fastest

Zahlung per Kreditkarte oder PayPal

If paying by PayPal Payment by Credit Card Visa or MasterCard, you can cancel your reservation via e-mail at (as soon as possible)  or by phone at telephone number: +306973204923 (as soon as possible). We returned you the amount deducting the PayPal reservations and send you, for reliability purposes, a copy of the PayPal receipt for the amount you get back. It refers to the details of your reservation so that we can cancel the fastest

Sie können unseren Führer nicht finden

If you can not find the driver directly call the 24-hour contact number +306973204923 the + 6978223598 (as soon as possible).

Abfahrtsort & Zeit

If you have questions to the point and the boarding time consult our Company and Follow closely our advice. In any case eg changing data change flight and arrival time, will change the contact details we provide in your booking confirmation must inform us immediately to avoid error If not contact us, we shall have no responsibility if leaving the designated meeting point (If not contact us, we not carried out a refund through PayPal.)

Buchen Sie Ihr Taxi 24 Stunden im Voraus

Your reservation should take place at least 24 hours before the time of receipt. If, for any reason, the time between booking and receiving is less than 24 hours then the communication should be direct (ie only phone) 306 973 204 923 Otherwise, we can not guarantee that we will serve you.

Elektronische Bestätigung

To confirm your online reservation, we will contact you within 24 hours at the latest (or by e-mail or phone to confirm your booking). By making your online reservation, automatically you will receive an email with the completed booking form you submitted. At this point, if any of the elements you entered is incorrect, please for your good service to correct.

Wenn Sie keine E-Mail mit Ihrem Beitrag erhalten

This means that we have not received your booking, so you have mistake your email address (or is likely to find the email in Spam). Furthermore, within 24 hours, we will send the confirmation voucher, which he will show to the driver. Caution: The confirmation from our side is MANDATORY.


Wenn eine zu überweisende Person ein gesundheitliches Problem oder Übelkeit hat, teilen Sie uns dies bitte im Buchungsformular unter "Anmerkungen" mit, um den bestmöglichen Service zu gewährleisten.


Wenn Kinder im Alter auf einem Kindersitz befördert werden sollen, geben Sie die Nummer und das Alter im Reservierungsformular an, um sicherzustellen, dass das Fahrzeug die erforderlichen Kindersitze hat. Kindersitze werden nicht extra berechnet


The Company ensures the confidentiality of information relating to customer movements and in no way share your personal data with third parties. All information we collect from our professional relationship between only used to improve our service to you.

Unfall, Verletzung oder Krankheit

The vehicle of B & S provides accident insurance only when caused by us Our Company can suggest possible tour / visit place suitable for everyone but not accept responsibility for the final, your choice

Änderungen vorbehalten

For any changes inform us via e-mail at (as soon as possible)  That in our call center, +306973204923 during the original agreement.

Sie benötigen Hilfe;

Wir sind 24/7 erreichbar