Is it safe to enter my credit card details online?

Yes. Your credit card details aren't introduced until the very last step of the booking process, at which point you'll be redirected to a completely secure bank server where you carry out your payment Crete taxi Service never has access nor does it store in its databases your details, so you don't run any risk.

Please, book a vehicle with adequate capacity for the needs of your group.

If the taxi you reserve doesn't have sufficient capacity, you may be required to pay for a second vehicle to be sent.

Can I bring extra baggage, sports equipment or does this take up too much space?

In our booking process you have the option of indicating if you have any special needs during your trip. If your extra baggage doesn't appear with the vehicle you've chosen or the option doesn't exist, please indicate your requirements in the comments of your booking. We'll look for the best solution and get back to you within one working day.

Travelling with children?

The majority of our vehicles are adapted to hold child car seats. During the booking process you have the option of adding car seats to your application. takes the safety of its passengers very seriously and particularly that of children.

My group is travelling with a carrytot for a baby. Is it possible to bring it?

Yes. The vehicle can accommodate carrycots or prams for children. Children and babies count as passengers when booking your vehicle and they can also carry one piece of luggage (suitcase or carrytot) as well as a handbag. Taking this into account, if your baggage exceeds the set limit in the general conditions, please add the extras you need in the corresponding step of the booking process or reserve a bigger vehicle.

A member of my group uses a wheelchair. What should I do?

In the booking process, indicate that someone from your group is travelling with a foldable wheelchair. We don't charge any additional costs for travelling with a foldable wheelchair. If someone in your group is travelling with an electronic wheelchair or an electronic scooter, please let us know in the booking process. We'll offer you an adequate vehicle to accommodate your needs.

Travelling with a pet?

If you're travelling with a pet, please indicate in the application process. We'll offer you an adequate vehicle for your needs. Consult our 'General Conditions' for more info on our policy on travelling with pets.

Will I be taken to and picked up directly from my hotel/private address?

Yes. All of our private journeys take your group directly to your hotel/private address and in the same way, we'll collect you at this same spot on the day of your return journey.

I need a receipt/invoice of the contracted services. Can you provide it for me after the booking's been carried out?

Yes. Please request your invoice by email at and you will receive the receipt corresponding to your booking.

Last minute booking

In accepts bookings up to 2 hour before the required journey time WITHOUT ANY EXTRA COST!

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