Knossos Palace: built in 2000 BC. Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of King Minos. Some believe that the intricate Palace with its many rooms was the mythical labyrinth. By discovering the site not too long ago, archaeologists found the first of all advanced civilizations in Europe.

Olive oil tasting experience you have the opportunity to taste the excellent quality of various varieties of Cretan olive oil and you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about Cretan olive oil.

Heraklion city there will be time to visit the market, and the shops and have lunch and a visit to the Venetian port of Heraklion and the old castle Koules is built on two tiers and offers a commanding view of Heraklion from the battlements. Walking in the old town, we reach St. Titus' Cathedral, an impressive sight. The Loggia is a wonderful example of a Venetian building.

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