Palace of Knossos


During this amazing tour, you will discover all the secrets of the Minoan civilization. Minoan Palace of Knossos Located just south of modern-day Heraklion near the north coast of Crete. Built by a civilization that we call the Minoans, it covers about 150,000 square feet (14,000 square meters) Despite the fact that the palace was excavated a century ago there are still many questions that researchers have about the palace and the people who lived in it. The Palace of Knossos is the most important archaeological site on the island. The legendary king of Knossos was Minos, son of Zeus and Europa. The palace is the labyrinth of Greek Mythology.


Archeological Museum


Your tour continues with the Heraklion Archeological Museum, the best in the world regarding the Minoan art as it contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete, like the Bullhead Python, the goddesses of the snakes and the disc of Phaistos. The displays of idols made of terra cotta, marble, and alabaster, collections of gold, jewelry, ivory, figurines, sarcophagi, and frescoes will give you an insight into this artistic-minded civilization and complement your visit to Knossos.


City of Heraklion


In Heraklion there will be time to visit the market, to shop with the locals and have lunch and a visit to the Venetian port of Heraklion. Enjoy the sights in the old town and spend your time for your shopping. If you begin a walk around Heraklion, starting at the old harbour close to the Rocca al Mare, but is now known by its Turkish name, Koules. Koules is built on two tiers and offers a commanding view of Heraklion from the battlements. 
Walking in the old town, we reach St. Titus' Cathedral, an impressive sight. Saint Titus, a fellow traveler of Saint Paul, preached the gospel in Crete.The Loggia is a wonderful example of a Venetian building.

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