Explore the best Food Tour of Heraklion

taste the  Cretan products and learn about the local cuisine, culture and customs of Crete. Εnjoy a food and cultural walking tour suitable for all ages – it is an easy 1.5-mile walk, so you can explore the heart of Heraklion city while learning about its unique history and culture.

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In front of the archaeological museum will have your name on a sign to identify him and wander charming Heraklion, starting with iconic sights such as the open-air market, where you'll sample fine olive oils and cheeses. Explore the historic Venetian Loggia and the majestic Cathedral of Agios Minas or the Church of Agios Titos, The Venetian Castle of Heraklion ''Koules,'' the Castle is a massive fortress with two storeys that is used to guard the entry to the port (entrance fee to the castle 4€ p.p). Visit the unique ''Pastry Museum'' includes 232 rare exhibits with 32 of them being unique in the world !! Each of these reveals unique aspects of Cretan heritage. 

Culinary journey:

Bougatsa with Greek Coffee: Start with the classic Cretan pastry, Bougatsa, paired with rich Greek coffee. Indulge in flaky layers of puff pastry filled with sweet or savoury delights. 

Tavern Experience:

Enjoy a feast of flavours in a traditional mezedopoleio (tavern), where the table overflows with Cretan mezes. Enjoy lively dishes such as Eggplant Salad: A delicious mix of eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, herbs and olive oil. Roast goat or mezes Bekri: Slow-roasted goat or pork in red wine sauce, highlighting the richness of Cretan meat dishes. Sausage: Enjoy delicious Cretan sausages with vinegar or as delicious meatballs. Raki accompaniments: Complete your meze experience with a taste of raki, the traditional Cretan spirit.

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