Forget all you know!


Now you can go to Crete, not just for its amazing beaches, its long history, and tradition, its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, its happy yet idiosyncratic people.

Now you’ll be going to Crete to ski! No, there is no ski resort in Crete yet. The temperate, which sometimes wants to think of itself as tropical, climate of the island wouldn’t allow that, while its mountains wouldn’t be able to accommodate a proper ski resort with many slopes for beginners and experts.
That doesn’t mean however that you can’t ski in Crete

If you love adventure, then Psiloreitis (or Idi) is perfect for ski mountaineering. In other words, grab your skis, climb up the mountain any way you can and climb down in the most fun way you can imagine!
Of course, we would only suggest such a thing to experienced skiers that make sure to follow all safety measures, with the most important being having good knowledge of the mountain.

According to experts at you can go up in a car (or at least a 4×4) until the shelters of Mygeros and Toumpotos Prinos (or at least to a point near them) and from there you can start skiing down.

You should be careful, because the snow might be frozen which would make skiing impossible, even though this is a problem mainly in winter, while in spring, before the snow melts, the conditions are probably ideal. So, how about it?
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