Find out about the extensive Greek history and culture through tailor-made guided visits to the city of Chania, Rethimno and the sites of Knossos and Phaistos.

Spending a day, learning the local history and discovering the sites will leave you revived and full of newly gained knowledge.
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Chania Tour: Archaeological museum, Venetian harbour, Muslim and Christian quarters, covered market. This tour can be combined with either a visit at the Commonwealth Cemetery of WW2 in Suda Bay and Agia Triada Monastery, or a visit at the ancient site of Aptera.

Rethymno tour: A complete Venetian city with the old port and Fortezza; Maze like streets, workshops of local artists and an Archaeological museum at the centre of the city.
This tour may be combined with a visit on Ancient Eleftherna, a Homeric Cemetery of Ancient Greek heroes of the Era of the Iliad and the Museum of Eleftherna.

Knossos tour: visit at the Ancient Site, the Archeological Museum and the city of Heraklion. - Full day (10 hrs)

Phaistos tour: A full day down South Eastern Crete. The second in size and popularity Bronze Age Minoan site of Crete. May also include a visit at the Roman capital of Crete Gortis, the oldest law code of Europe, the Roman Odeon where St.Paul first spoke of Christianity within European Soil Crete.The oldest Basilica of Crete.

Preveli Monastery: South-Western Crete on the Libyan coast driving through the Kourtaliotiko Ravine. We also visit the Bronze Age Burial site of Armeni.

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