Our first tour to the Samaria gorge for 2020 and I take this opportunity to mention some of the protection measures we need to follow for this year

The Samaria Gorge opened today, along the entire length of the main path (Xyloskalo-Agia Roumeli). According to a relevant announcement, the gorge of Samaria is a unique natural ecosystem of incomparable beauty.

Crossing it is a very laborious and long process.
On the occasion of the start of the visit of the Forest but also of the special conjuncture that we are going through, it is considered necessary to publish some basic remarks for the safety of the public and the protected area.

The Health Protocol for the Samaria Gorge is as follows:

• Informing visitors with information signs at the entrances (Xyloskalos and Agia Roumeli) and at the stops and rest areas, within the Gorge, for the observance of the foreseen health measures.
• It is recommended to keep the distances along the entire length of the path.
• Avoid congestion at ticket entrances and ticket offices.
• Installation of antiseptic preparations at ticket offices and installation of a protective divider at the ticket offices.
• It is mandatory to use a mask for the drivers of the halves, in any case of transporting visitors.
• Use by visitors individual packages of antiseptic solutions and their safe use to avoid fire risk.
• Careful hand hygiene is recommended, while the use of protective gloves by staff is optional.

General remarks:

• The public can only walk along the main path and for no reason should be removed from the main path.
• It must comply with the provisions of the National Park Rules of Procedure and the content of the information signs, especially those related to falling stones.
• Visitors must be very careful about displaying fire hazards. Smokers should strictly limit smoking in the rest areas.

The Samaria Gorge is a great monument of the environmental and cultural heritage of our place and it is necessary to preserve and protect it from all of us, collectively and individually, with a high sense of responsibility and duty.


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