Cooking and Baking with Olive Oil


When he led the famous Seven Countries Study that inspired worldwide interest in the Mediterranean diet, Ancel Keys was astonished to see Cretans’ food swimming in olive oil. He decided that was a good idea, and eventually, much of the rest of the world caught on, although most countries still lag behind Greece in their olive oil consumption. 

Whether you like your food swimming in extra virgin olive oil, nicely flavoured with it, or prepared with this healthy oil without any noticeable effect on flavour, you will find recipes that meet your needs on this site. It includes links to a wide selection of popular recipes from various cuisines, as well as original recipes from Cretan cooks.

If you do not want a strong taste of olive oil, you can try a milder tasting extra virgin, such as one that has been stone milled, and you may not want to use an ultra-healthy, bitter early harvest olive oil. Experiment with oils from different olives, locations, and harvest times; whether they are flavored (with herbs or lemon, for example) or not, olive oils are as varied as wines.

Some prefer to save extra virgin olive oil for finishing cooked dishes, dipping bread, and making salad dressings. On the other hand, like the Greeks I know who get their olive oil from their family’s own olives, I use extra virgin olive oil for almost everything that needs added fat (with a few exceptions on holidays).


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