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is a particularly festive period characterized by the spirit of these holy days. Being influenced by Western European culture, Christmas is bright, full of lights and ornaments. The shops and generally, the streets of the cities dress up their festive costume from early December to welcome the celebration of the Holy Birth. Impressive decorations and countless lights make majestic scenery. Despite this influence, the traditional Cretan customs are still alive in most areas of Crete.

Christmas Tree Or… Christmas Ship?

The decoration of a wooden model ship, with Christmas lights, is an old Greek custom that is still alive in the Islands. In the past, during the Christmas time, the family would decorate a small wooden boat to symbolise their thankful spirit for the safe return of the father and his sons against the odds of nature and the harsh winter sea.

Traditional Christmas Ship in CreteTraditional Christmas Ship in Crete

As in other places of Greece, the Crete Christmas tree has a special place in every home. This custom did not exist previously in Crete, but it was a result of globalization from the west.

The Christmas Sweets Of Crete

"Kourampiedes" and "Melomakarona""Avgokalamara", the draditional sweet of Christmas In Crete. Housewives of Crete make various traditional sweets, with the most common to be “melomakarona” and “kourampiedes” (sugared bans). In the past, “melomakarona” were mainly eaten in Christmas day and “sugared buns”, exclusively in the New Year. Also, in many houses of Crete, you may find “avgokalamara” (crispy fried dough with honey syrup, cinnamon and nuts. Do not waste the chance to taste them!

Santa Claus Is Coming In The “Cretaquarium” Of Heraklion

Meet Santa Claus in the bottom of the Cretaquarium in Gouves, HeraklionMeet Santa Claus in the bottom of the Cretaquarium in Gouves, Heraklion. Every Christmas, In a beautifully decorated bottom, the Cretaquarium welcomes Santa Claus and his beautiful mermaid, with important musicians, actors, dancers, magicians, etc. There will be many beautiful surprises for you and your children: melodic Christmas and traditional sounds, impressive dancing, beautiful performances, spectacular magic, unique tours, fun and educational games, festive constructions.

The Representation Of The Christ’s Manger In The Cave Of Marathokefalas

The spiritual atmosphere during the Divine Liturgy in Marathokefalas Cave, ChaniaSpiritual atmosphere during the Divine Liturgy in Marathokefalas Cave, Chania. If you spend your Crete Christmas, it is worth a visit at the cave of St. John in Marathokefalas, Kissamos, on Christmas Eve. You will have the chance to attend the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and see the representation of the manger where Christ was born. You will see real sheep, shepherds, bells, fire and a star shining on top of the cave. The atmosphere in the cave is really spiritual!

Thousands Of Santas Participate In The “Santa Run” Event Of Chania

Crete Christmas “Santa Run” ends in the Old Venetian Port of Chania
The last few years, Santa Run in Chania is one of the most special events of Crete Christmas! The Santa Run is a festive, charitable organization, a parody of the famous Santa Run held in various cities of the world every December whereby we will be walking the city streets of Chania wearing Santa Claus costumes. In this Santa Run, official timing and medals do not exist. In our Santa Run, we are all winners because we offer aid to children in need. A distance of 3,5 km is being covered in the historic and commercial centre of Chania with the sole purpose of raising money for children with health issues.

Traditional Cretan Carols Accompanied By Cretan Lyre

Cretan music-Christmas-kids traditional Cretan Carols
The carols are songs that commemorate the events of the Holly days and end with wishes for the landlord of the house. They are sung on Christmas Eve and New Year Eve, usually by children going from house to house and singing accompanied by the traditional triangle, the Cretan lyre, or other Cretan musical instruments. Years ago, the homemaker and housewife treated children “kourampiedes”  “melomakarona” or other goods of the Cretan land, while now, the retreat is mainly money. There are traditional Cretan Christmas carols and also, Christmas and New Year carols.

In Greece when we talk about the "holidays" we are referring to the holiday period of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany.

Traditionally the Christmas holiday period lasts 12 days in Greece. There are many customs associated with the "twelve days of Christmas," some very old and others relatively recent, like the decorated tree and the turkey on the Christmas-day table.

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