located 24 km west of Rethymno and it is one of the most beautiful villages with the natural beauty of Crete.

One of the main attractions of the village that remain etched in the memory of every visitor is the running torrential streams that are surrounded by lush and the beautiful tall trees. The power of those waterfalls previously operated 11 different mills that no longer exist.
The village is inhabited since ancient times. Today's houses are built on the ancient Lappa city, which according to various ancient references participated in a series of wars as the expedition of the Greeks against Troy, the war of Lyttos and the expedition of M. Alexander against Persians.

In the village and the surroundings, you can see sights of that time, a Roman mosaic, buildings of the Venetian era and many Byzantine churches.
Argyroupoli, We went recently, and we literally missed the beauty. The Sources of the Holy Power
It is very challenging to find sources with such a poetic name, for sure ...
So we set out to discover the place that is being refreshed by the Holy Power itself.
We found ourselves in a lush landscape beyond any imagination!
The wet element gives an orgy of vegetation, while the source of the Holy Power seems to come from a dreamy tale !. #privatedriver #privatetours #creteprivetetour #argiroupoli #transferservices #airportpickup #taxiservices #familymoments @ Taverna Ancient Lappa


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