Enjoy a full-day trip up to the Lassithi Plateau with majestic views. Explore Greek mythology and visit Psychro Cave, Zeus' birthplace and enjoy a traditional meze lunch.

Monastery Panagia Kera Kardiotissa

The first stop will be at the Kera Kardiotissa monastery with its famous icon of the Holy Mother as well as frescoes from the 13th and 14th century. After Kera, another stop and the main one follows to the Psychro village, where you with a guide will walk up to it to the famous Cave of Zeus. This place is breathing history and mythology.

Zeus Cave

Our next stopover is the Dictean Cave, a cave of mystic atmosphere, impressively adorned by large columns, stalactites and stalagmites. According, to mythology, the Dictean Cave was the birthplace of Zeus, the father of gods, and also the place he was worshipped.  A legendary cave, the Cronin Cave, is our next stop. Cronus, Zeus' father, used to live there before Zeus'smother moved him to the Dictean Cave to rescue him from his father's rage.

Eco Park

An excellent combination of a natural park and a traditional village. The park offers numerous interactive activities and attractions. Around a scenic square, you can find spots where artisans are sharing their knowledge and skills with you,  you will watch artisans, who enjoy giving out their knowledge, manufacture traditional woven, clay pots and much more. Guests will have the chance to taste olive oil, Cretan wine and “raki” – the traditional spirit of Crete, In addition, you can watch to find out about the Aromatic Plants workshop, the Weaving experience, the Woodcrafting Experience, the Pottery Experience 

Authentic Cretan Cuisine

Our last destination is a traditional tavern with a wonderful view and impeccable environment. Here you will taste many authentic Cretan flavours baked in the wood oven And it is an unforgettable experience of aromas and flavours from the real Cretan cuisine

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