"The first stop will be at one of the most popular Byzantine monuments in Crete ''Panagia Kera, Kritsa'' This triple-nave Byzantine church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, to Saint Anthony and Saint Anna.

It is adorned with superb wall paintings on particular themes like the representation of Saint Anna, other icons of the saints, and the fourteen scenes depicting the secret life of the Virgin Mary. Characteristic of all the wall paintings is their vividness, expressiveness and aesthetic perfection. Their existence had been hidden for hundreds of years by earlier Christians to avoid their destruction by the Turkish occupiers.

Further, a picturesque mountainous road will lead you to the Lassithi Plateau, which is considered one of the most fertilized ones in the whole Crete.

During the time of our visiting the Cave of Zeus, you will pass a steep path on foot, to explore the cave with its stalactites and stalagmites, where, according to the mythology, Rhea gave birth to Zeus.
It is not recommended for the guests who have health issues to visit the Cave.

Last but not least, this program includes a visit to a pottery workshop, where you will have the chance to sit on the potter's wheel and explore your artistic spirit in one of the oldest Cretan craftsmanship.

This excursion will suit the lovers of the history of ancient Greece and those who lust for breathtaking landscapes. It is not recommended for the guests who have health issues to visit the Cave.


Duration: 8 hours
Pick up: 09:30
Return: 17:30

Additional costs:
Transport:(Accommodation pickup & drop-off to/from attractions)
Please contact us to give you the best possible price for your team for this trip

Entrance fees:
For archaeological sites/museums, escorts/guides and meals are not included.

Cost: Κritsa church entrance 2.00 euro / person
Zeus Cave entrance 6.00 euro/person

Do not forget to bring along:
Comfortable shoes, lunch, a handkerchief for visiting the monastery, money for souvenirs, a bottle of water, a hat

This excursion will be pleasant to fans of wild nature! It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as families with young children.