Cretan fam day 

Visit a traditional Farm for a daily excursion that will fill you with images, aromas and unforgettable experiences which will soon become precious memories! Traditional threshing - Grinding wheat with a hand mill - Milking -Cheese that we milked. Visit the Cheese place - Visit the  Misato (traditional Cretan shepherd's accommodation). Follow an offer to our guest's with  tsikoudia (local snaps) with genuine thyme honey, local cheese, and handmade traditional nut

Around with us in the Farm


Come and walk around with us in the Farm; we will talk about the trees and bushes that grow in our region, smell the aromatic plants and herbs of Crete and learn about their magic powers, we will watch baby lambs, sheep, rabbits, chicken, horses and other domestic animals and birds in their natural environment. Then we will thresh with our horse, we will be taught everything about milking at the traditional “giristi”, we will visit our “mitato” where we can make and taste local cheese, while next, we will get to know the special space where cheese matures, our unique, underground cheese cell (“tirokeli”).




In the “mitato”, you will feel the impeccable Cretan hospitality with various treats as raki and other local products, while you may purchase the special goods of our Farm.

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