Oldest Olive Tree 

One of the oldest olive trees in the world

The first stοp is to visit the world's oldest olive tree ιt is over 3000 years old, has a trunk circumference of 12.5 meters, a diameter of 4.6 meters. The olive tree does not grow at random at this place, as the best olive oil in the world comes out, it is essentially the cradle of olive cultivation in Crete. After this wonderful experience, we will head to an equally wonderful place to discover the secrets of the Cretan (treasure) of Cretan olive oil & Cretan Wine


Anoskeli Winery & Oil mill

After this unforgettable experience, we head to the village Anoskeli, Is a small village, there are owned premises including the olive oil & a winery with several varieties of fine local wine. The plant for the olive oil spans over a 400 m2 area including modern machinery, a fully automated bottling line. The winery is housed in a 600 m2 area including a modern standardization facility and bottling line, as well as a cellar of 35.000 lt storage capacity and 30 French oak barrels. The Company facilities are open to the public all year round offering fully guided tours by specialized personnel that give a first-hand experience of olive oil production and winemaking.

Tasting tour !!! 

After a fully guided tour, in our modern tasting-exhibition hall, you will have the opportunity to taste the extra virgin bio-olive oil, 5 different wines, and tsikoudia (raki) accompanied by Cretan snacks. Tour & Tasting: of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 5 brands of Wine. Tasting is accompanied with a dish of fresh bread with olive oil oregano-lemon-salt and a dish of Cretan delicacies (such as two local cheese varieties, tomato, cucumber, olives, smoked ham)


City of Chania

We will now head to the wonderful city of Chania.
Enjoy the magnificent in Cmagnificent unforgettable beautiful colors of the sun sinking into the old port of Chania. Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete, one might even say of Greece and is the second most populated city on the island. The city has preserved its traditional architecture and most of its monuments from Venetian as well as from Ottoman times. The Venetian harbor, with its lighthouse and the old town, has bestowed the reputation of the most picturesque city in Crete, welcoming many enthusiastic visitors each year.

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