To visit the winery, you will enjoy a wonderful drive on the highway Chania-Rethymnon that runs along the north coast of Crete.
Surrounded by glorious scenery offered by the island of Crete, we find a stone building which is the winery. 
The winery has a customer service and a wine tasting cellar, where hundreds of visitors from all around the world each year discover or deepen their love for Greek wines. 
The family offers the opportunity for the visitors to taste high-quality wine according to their individual taste, need and preference.  The members of the family are qualified wine advisers whose goal is to make your visit both a delightful experience and an education.


War Museum


After this visit, we will head south of Crete and we will reach the village of Askifou. War Museum Askifou.
The private museum is owned by George Hatzidakis who experienced a dramatic struggle under the German occupation. By the end of the war, he began to gather passionately every vestige of the battle to be able to keep alive the memories of that period. 
The collection currently has over 2000 items from the period 1940 to 1944 and continues to grow ever thanks to persistent and admirable efforts.


Sfakia & Loutro


After this visit of some knowledge on the history of Crete, we will travel to the beautiful Sfakia.
From Sfakia you can optionally to take a water taxi and take you to the famous Loutro in order to enjoy the south Crete.
Loutro It is a quiet, amphitheatrically built, picturesque fishing village, which is dominated by white and blue, making it reminiscent to a Cycladic island. 
It takes its name from the baths that have been found in the area of which the ruins still stand today through which water was channelled to Anopolis. 
At Loutro due to the lack of roads, the bath is ideal for those wanting a quiet holiday away from the bustle of the city or the busy touristic centres. 
The water is crystal clear and has a dark blue and green colour.

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