Dinosauria Park


The opportunity for a unique journey into the world of dinosaurs. A magical experience awaits.
The Dinosauria Park welcomes you to a world with dozens of dinosaurs that gives the opportunity for children and adults to learn about the fascinating history of dinosaurs in the years passing by the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Copies of scenes of the era of the dinosaurs and human-Neanderthal turn the time backwards. In Dinosauria Park, friends will be able to browse through a large number of exhibits, including dinosaurs and amphibians, which even include their physical size. Finally, the unique and unprecedented experience of the first 5D cinema in Greece is waiting for all the young and old friends! Get ready to go back to the world of dinosaurs!! Take part in an incredible journey that combines imagination with reality. Are you ready to go back in time to the world of dinosaurs!!
After this wonderful visit, we will go to the real beings who live in the sea to Cretaquarium.


Creta Aquarium


Another great place to visit during your stay in Crete and especially with your children is CretAquarium - Thalassocosmos.
As one of Europe’s largest aquariums, Cretaquarium offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the magnificent Mediterranean Sea world.  Walking the Aquarium Visitors’ Route
The Mediterranean seascape comes to life in 60 different tanks.
There are one hundred observation points for visitors to admire approximately 2,500 Mediterranean and tropical organisms. 
A full tour taking in all exhibits and species lasts about 2 hours. 
Each tank of CretAquarium bears labels with hosted species’ names printed in nine languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech). Additionally, during your tour around the corridors of the aquarium, touch screens offer visitors more information enriching their knowledge on the Mediterranean Sea. A small virtual tour that follows the sequence of the section along the route path of the aquarium and that we hope it will inspire and alert you!

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