Gorge of Kourtaliotis 


First stop is the Gorge of Kourtaliotis is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethimno. The canyon is crossed by a road which creates a really nice pathway for walking at the bottom of the gorge, where the church of St. Nicolas is located. The springs of Kourtaliotis, near the chapel, are one of the nicest attractions of the gorge.


Monastery of Preveli


The Monastery Preveli is located on the South coast of Crete
The oldest date related to the monastery is 1594, and it is engraved on a bell of the monastery. The monastery was probably founded during the Venetian occupation by a feudal lord known as Prevelis
The Monastery of Preveli operates normally as a male monastery and it receives visitors. It is built on 170 m of altitude and has breathtaking sea views. The Monastery of Preveli is known for its Holy Cross placed inside the temple. The monastery consists of two main building complexes, the Lower (Kato) Monastery of Saint John the Baptist and the Rear (Pisso) Monastery of Saint John the Theologian which is in operation today.


Damnoni beach


Damnoni beach where you can enjoy swimming in a really blue landscape. 
Damnoni is a popular touristic resort, very well developed and organized.
Damnoni is located at the exit of a large valley, protected by high mountains. The beach that stretches in front of the resort is a long bay with beautiful turquoise waters and coarse white sand. Here you will find all kind of services of a very well organized beach 

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