Cave of Sfentoni


is one of the most interesting caves in Crete. In the Cave of Sfentoni extensively adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.
The impressive cave provides the visitors with breathtaking sights of how Mother Nature patiently “creates” an aesthetic spectacle by using mineral-rich water drops


Axos village


Located on the north side of the Psiloritis Mountain, built on terraces 600 meters above sea level. Ruins of the Acropolis’ walls can still be seen today. In the village Axos, you can visit the museum with the wooden handmade statues of interesting subjects taken from the ancient mythology and the modern history of the village and all Crete, as well as the everyday life of its inhabitants


Enagron Agrotourism


It is a wonderful place where you can experience the real life of the old Cretan village. It has a traditional style and many activities. You can enjoy the real life of Crete and it’s really a fantastic experience.

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