Sfendoni Cave

One of the most interesting caves of Crete. In the cave of Sfedoni which is widely adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. The impressive cave offers visitors a breathtaking view of how Mother Nature patiently creates an aesthetic spectacle using mineral-rich water bodies


Axos village


In the village of Axos, you can visit the museum with wooden handmade statues of interesting artefacts from ancient mythology and modern history of the village and the whole of Crete, as well as the daily life of its inhabitants. Experience an unforgettable bird experience in Axos village with rare eagles


Cretan farm


We look forward to visiting a farm and living the traditional Cretan way of life. We collect wheat - Grinding wheat with the traditional way. We gather the wheat from the milling and learn how the flour is produced with a traditional hand mill.
Milking - Cheese. We go to the cheese house -The shepherd's house. Presentation herb garden. Athe and of this unforgettable experience we offer traditional local snacks with a local drink -called raki. Don't miss the chance to enjoy your lunch, the food is traditionally cooked and all the ingredients are locally produced in the restaurant very close to the farm


Enagron Agrotourism


It is a wonderful place where you can experience the real life of the old village of Crete. It has a traditional style and many activities. You can enjoy the real life of Crete and it is truly a fantastic experience.

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