Axos a traditional village!!


Axos offers a unique opportunity for those who want to discover the authentic Crete.  Walkthrough the small village and marvel the picturesque alleys, the blooming yards and the breathtaking views!  The ancient city Axos was naturally fortified, built on terraces 600m above the sea level. Remains of the acropolis walls can still be seen today. Today, 

A water source

(drink water from the springs at the square of the village)

A water source in the village centre used to be famous because of a legend, according to which king Etearchus used to drink its water as a digestive in the 7th century BC.
After walking for 10-15’ in the village another pleasant surprise awaits you! Lovely shops where you will be able to see and learn about one of the most ancient arts: the weaving! Lovely ladies will be more than welcoming and willing to show you how they create hand-woven textile using a traditional loom. Take your time in the shops and be amazed by the details and the beauty of the hand-made textiles!


Wood carving museum 

At the entrance of the village, you should definitely make a stop at the Wooden Museum. There are the most important figures are The lyre player, The Cretan Man, Grandpa and Grandma, Going to Fields, representations of nature (The eagle and the Serpent, the Cretan ibex). The dimensions of the sculptures are real- sized and some of them are presented in a larger format. The woods were collected from all over the island, especially dead trees or uprooted by natural disasters. Visitors have the opportunity to have a private tour by the artist Georgios Koutantos at the Museum and in his workshop and meet the aesthetic and artistic spirit while knowing traditional (traditional occupations of Crete and in Greece) 


Cretan farm

After this wonderful experience, we can visit the traditional Farm for a daily excursion that will fill you with images, aromas and unforgettable experiences which will soon become precious memories!  Traditional threshing - Grinding wheat with a hand mill - Milking -Cheese that we milked. Visit the Cheese place - Visit the  Misato (traditional Cretan shepherd's accommodation). Follow an offer to our guest's with  tsikoudia (local snaps) with genuine thyme honey, local cheese, and handmade traditional nut

Around with us in the Farm

Then we will thresh with our horse, we will be taught everything about milking at the traditional “giristi”, we will visit our “mitato” where we can make and taste local cheese, while next, we will get to know the special space where cheese matures, our unique, underground cheese cell (“tirokeli”)

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