Sfentoni Cave: is one of the most interesting caves in Crete. The cave is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The stunning cave offers visitors a stunning view of how Mother Nature patiently creates an aesthetic spectacle using mineral-rich bodies of water. 
Axos village: In Crete, Axos offers a unique opportunity for those who want to discover authentic Crete. Walk in the small village and admire the picturesque alleys, the flowered courtyards, and the amazing view!  The ancient city of Axos was of course fortified, built at an altitude of 600 above sea level. A Spring in the centre of the village was famous due to a legend, according to which the king Eparchus drank his water as a digestive in the 7th century BC. Lovely ladies are hospitable and willing to show you how to create woven fabrics using a traditional loom.
Wood carving museum: At the entrance of the village, you should definitely make a stop at the Wood Carving Museum where there are the most important figures, the Organ player with his lyre, the Cretan man, Grandpa and Grandma, and representations from nature (the eagle the snake, the Cretan ibex). The dimensions of the sculptures are of real size and some of them are presented in a larger form.
The Cretan farm: we can visit the traditional farm where it will fill you with pictures, perfumes, and unforgettable experiences that will soon become valuable memories! Traditional threshing - Grinding wheat with a hand grinder - Milking. Visit Mitato (traditional accommodation of a Cretan shepherd). They will offer guests tsikoudia (local treats) and local honey with genuine thyme. We will thresh with our horse, we will learn everything about milking, we will visit our "mitato" where we can make and taste local cheese, and then we will get to know the special place where the cheese matures, our basement cheese.
Agrotourism Enagron: It is a wonderful place where you can see the real-life of the old village of Crete, in a traditional style. It really is a fantastic experience. Here is also an opportunity to dine and enjoy the real tastes and smells of local cuisine

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