Georgioupolis is a small seaside town in west Crete. Georgioupolis is set in a green countryside with a large beach. Just before the town, it forms a little lake that is home to many birds and animals. The main square of Georgioupolis is one of the most attractive to be found in a Cretan tourist village. Georgioupolis is a village of many shops. Take the time to stroll around its narrow streets and you will see many tourist shops and little tavernas. The most popular sight in the harbor, however, is the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, set on a manmade rock jetty. It’s worth walking along to take wonderful pictures. 

Kournas Lake

the only natural lake on the island

Is the only freshwater lake in Crete. The lake is in a beautiful landscape, lying in a valley among the hills. Swim or ride a pedalo on the waters of the lake. There are little beaches on the banks of Lake Kournas just under the main road and in front of the tavernas. There you will find sun loungers and umbrellas in the summer months

Argyroupoli waterfalls 

The refreshing springs of Argiroupolis

The waterfalls of Argyroupoli are verdant scenery with springs, watermills, and tap water running in streams! As for the food, in most taverns, you will find live trout and sturgeon! 

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