Kera Kardiotissa 


The first stop will be at one of the most popular Byzantine monuments in the Crete '' Kera Kardiotissa '' monastery with its famous icon of the Holy Mother as well as the fresh characteristic of all the wall paintings is their vividness, expressiveness, and aesthetic perfection. After Kera Kardiotissa, another stop and main one follows to the Psychro village, there is the famous Cave of Zeus.


Lasithi plateau


Further, a picturesque mountainous road will lead you to the Lassithi Plateau, which is considered one of the most fertilized ones in the whole Crete. The largest and highest plateau in Greece! This is an almost perfect level with a maximum length of 10 km and 5 km wide! It is full of vegetable gardens and has about 10,000 windmills!  This place is breathing of history and mythology.


Cave of Zeus


During the time of our visiting the Cave of Zeus, you will pass a steep path on foot, to explore the cave with its stalactites and stalagmites, where, according to the mythology, Rhea gave birth to Zeus. It is not recommended for the guests who have health issues to visit the Cave. This excursion will suit the lovers of the history of ancient Greece and those who lust for breathtaking landscapes.


Eco Park

After this wonderful experience, we head to the ecological village where we will experience various experiences. We will get to know some of the traditional Cretan arts such as. POTTERY: Take the opportunity and have a seat at the potter's table, We will show you how to do it, how we prepare. WOOD CARVING: The craft of wood carving finds itself in music and as well in church. Wooden carpenters produce traditional musical instruments such as Lyra and the Laughs. FLORA ( HERBS & TEA): The island of Crete is strongly influenced by olive groves and a big variety of herbs and teas which are an important part of the flora of the island. HANDWORKS-WEAVING-EMBROIDERY: In the past Cretan woven handworks, have been highlighted by vibrant colours and geometric patterns. Take the opportunity to visit one of the oldest looms in Eco Park. 

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