Spinalonga is a small island near Elounda in eastern Crete. Spinalonga is also known as Leper Island, where it was where patients from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until 1957. Today thousands of tourists visit Spinalonga every summer by boat from Elounda to tour its destroyed buildings, which the Archaeological Service is working hard to maintain.
According to 2009 data, Spinalonga has 1200-1500 visitors daily during the summer months and is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Crete.
Boats depart from the port of Elounda, there is a boat to Spinalonga every 30 minutes throughout the summer. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the island



Agios Nikolaos


Next stop is Agios Nikolaos is a town with a small-town feel, one that has lots to offer.  You can walk and enjoy walking here, you have several distinct waterfronts - you can get to know it quickly and feel familiar with the place, like an old friend. The Lake and port, Kitroplatia beach and the Marina. It is surrounded and overlooked by cafes and restaurants - a busy gathering place for local residents and visitors alike. The lake joins the sea with a strip of water under the tiny road bridge. Then, stroll up to the square and down the other side of the town, this gets you to the marina, where another seafront offers its wares. Take a walk around the marina, many churches ply their trade, scattered within the streets of Agios Nikolaos - including the small church which lends its name to the town.

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